Peter Loewer -- Printmaker

---from out of the Twentieth Century into the Twenty-First--
The prints shown below range are from limited editions of vitreographic (or glass lithography) prints, first produced at the Studios of Harvy Littleton based in Spruce Pine, North Carolina.
They began as one of a kind pen & ink drawings, redrawn on glass plates and hand printed from plates made of industrial glass instead of the metal plates usually involved with printmaking.
The subjects are usually botanicals or taken directly from nature and other natural sources.

Below from left to right are the first three prints in an edition entitled Botanical Wanderings. Adventitious roots are not the primary roots of providing nourishment to the plant but other roots, usually meant to prop up
a very large plant to prevent its falling. Wind-blown cotton bolls still appear on your windshield when driving though parts of South Carolina.
The Gulf palm in the art grew on the shores of Marco Island off the west coast of Florida.

Below from left to right are the second line of two prints from Botanical Wanderings. The Japanese chestnut is imaginary while the palm leaf is inhabited by creatures often found on palm fronds.

Below from left ate the third line of two prints from Botanical Wanderings. The orange chestnut is imaginary, as is the wild chestnut.

Below from left are the final three prints of Botanical Wanderings. The first image is of a typical spring tulip. The second features a bit of imagination coupled with a fairly accurate drawing of datura blossom.
The wild palm was, of course, drawn in the wild.